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Mikki Nylon Muzzle

Mikki Fabric Muzzle

The Mikki Nylon Muzzle is a lightweight, comfortable and a safe alternative to the traditional basket muzzle.




Mikki Muzzles allow the dog to pant and drink. A strong nylon muzzle which is soft and flexible.

Adjustable straps with ‘quick-fit’ catch. Inhibits, chewing and barking but still allows panting and barking.

Should not be used during strenuous exercise

NoseBand Product Sample Of Breed Measurement Cm

Size 0 Yorkies, Cavalier Spaniels,Miniature Breeds 10cm

Size 1 Whippets, Westies, Jack Russells, Dachshunds 12cm          Size 1 xl Larger Size of 1 13cm

Size 2 Beagles, Springers, Cockers, Poodles (Std) 14cm                 Size 2 xl Larger Size of 2 16cm

Size 3 Labradors, GSD, Dobermans, Retrievers 18.5cm                   Size 3×1 Larger Size of 3 19.5cm

Size 4 Wolfhounds, Great Danes, St. Bernards 24 cm                        Size 4 xl Larger Size of 4 28.5cm

Size 5 Rottweilers, Bull Mastiffs 21.5 cm                                            Size 5 xl Larger Size of 5 26.5cm

Size 8 Boxer 30cm           

Size 10 Staff, Bull Terriers 22cm

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0, 1, 1xl, 2, 2xl, 3, 3xl, 4, 4xl, 5, 5xl, 8, 10

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