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Beta Puppy Large Breed




Beta Puppy Large Breed (With Turkey)

100% complete food for puppies from weaning to adulthood.  
With turkey as a natural source of protein.

carefully balanced with wholegrain cereals and rice to promote the optimal growth of your puppy. Protein: 29% Fat: 13% Ash: 6.5% Fibre: 2,5% Calcium: 1.2% Phosphorus: 1%

Recommended number of feedings are as follows:

Feed puppies under 3 months of age 3-4 daily feedings of moistened food.

After 3 months of age gradually reduce moistening and feed 3 times per day.

From 6-12 months provide 2 daily feedings. Feed them according to the recommendation table and avoid overfeeding to maintain a lean body condition during growth. Each puppy is different, depending on his activity level and body condition, food amount may need to be adjusted.

Feeding during gestation and lactation: During the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy and while nursing, food allowances should be increased 1.5 to 2 fold maintenance levels. After weaning, the mother’s food should be adjusted to maintain her at an ideal body condition.

Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available.


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