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Crofters Songbird Mix 1kg



Crofters Songbird Mix 1kg

Our specially-developed Songbird Mix is loved by most soft-billed birds like robins, blackbirds and thrushes. They love fruit and soft grains and our specially-developed, high-quality softbill mix gives them exactly that. As well as added suet for energy, we have replaced raisins with apricots in our recipe mix.

Unlike raisins, apricots are not harmful if accidentally eaten by dogs and the birds love them just as much.

Suitable for: blackbirds, thrushes, robins, wrens and other softbills, can be fed on the ground and bird tables,

Our Dog-Friendly Songbird Mix Contains:

Dried Apricot, Suet Pellets, Sunflower Hearts, Pinhead Oatmeal, Cut Wheat, Micronised Oats and Peanut Grains

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