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Fat Balls for Wild Birds




Wild Bird Energy Fat Balls

Perfect for hanging in the garden for wild birds to peck at.

Our Fatballs are manufactured from premium ingredients.

Specially selected to provide high levels of nutrition and energy to all wildbirds in your garden all year round.,each fatball is contained within its own net which can be used to attach the ball by a string or wire in a location where you can observe a wide variety of wildbirds feeding.

We reccomend the use of a Fatball Feeder to prevent small birds getting caught in the nets.
Feeding wild birds all year round is key to helping with their survival.

Extra Selects:

Extra Select High Energy Suet Balls combine a mixture of seeds and cereals to provide a nutritious source of food for wild birds

Birds love fat dumplings without a net and can be put in your garden.

They don’t fall apart when it rains making them a great alternative to seed and are suitable for all round feeding.


Wheat, Minerals, Oils & Fats, Black Sunflower seeds, Hempseed, Sorghum


Protein: 8.5%, Fibre, 2.4%, Oils & Fats 24.5%, Ash 12%, Moisture 8%

Additional information


20 Extra Select, 50 Pack Tub, 100 Small, 100 (No Net)

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