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Crofters Luxury Suet, Mealworm & Fruit 2700ml



Crofters Luxury Suet, Mealworm & Fruit 2700ml
A blend of Berry and Insect Suet Pellets, Dried Mealworms and juicy raisins and sultanas, a luxury treat for Blackbirds, Thrushes, Robins and many more garden birds
This High energy mix gives your garden birds a variety of their favourite treats.

Not only do wild garden birds love this, but it’s packed full of energy and goodness for them.

The suet pellets are very high in energy

  • Berry Suet Pellets for fruit loving birds
  • Insect Suet Pellets for the insectivores


Dried Mealworms are high in Protein and perfect for taking back to the nest to feed fledglings.

Sultanas provide 330 calories per 100g

  • They can be offered any time of the year
  • They provide a highly nutritious hi-energy food
  • Sultanas will attract fruit eating birds into your garden to feed

Can be fed all year round.
From the Crofters Supreme Range

n.b Sultanas are not safe for dogs and cats so we reccomend feeding from a table

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