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Crofters Autumn & Winter Mix 1kg & 3kg




Crofters Autumn & Winter Mix 1kg & 3kg

This High Energy Autumn & Winter Mix, is a high energy husk free wild bird food that has been formulated for the cold winter months. Wild birds need a huge amount of energy to survive the winter, as the temperature drops wild birds need to eat more than their body weight per day to survive, when naturally available foods are becoming ever harder to find.
Feeding a high quality, high energy wild bird food will give the birds that visit your garden an instant boost of the nutrition and energy they need to survive.

Our high energy Autumn & Winter wild bird mix has been formulated to provide the correct level of nutrition and contains sunflower hearts, peanut granules, berry suet pellets and insect suet pellets that are covered with high energy human grade vegetable oil, making the seed and suet pellets shine, making them more attractive to wild birds.

All the ingredients in the Autumn and Winter mix are highly nutritious, packed with energy, easy to digest and contain beneficial minerals and vitamins to help your birds, when natural resources are scarce. Bakery Grade Sunflower hearts are used as lower grades of sunflower hearts are much poorer nutritionally, they are a key source of healthy mono and polyunsaturated fat, high in protein, vitamin E an excellent antioxidant, copper, folate, zinc, iron and phytochemicals.

Peanut granules are used in many wild bird foods, but the autumn and winter mix contains only the nib of the peanut as it contains the majority of all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements of the nut and is high in oils and protein.

Suet pellets are high in energy and very easily to digest, which makes them ideal for both young and adult wild birds, the mix contains two types; berry suet pellets that provide additional vitamin C which aids tissue growth, adrenal gland function, is an antioxidant and helps build up the immune system and insect suet pellets that provide insectivorous proteins and increase energy levels.

As the high energy Autumn & Winter mix is husk free there’s less mess and no waste, but this also means that birds can feed with the minimal amount of effort and any seed that drops on the ground won’t start to grow.The wild bird food can be fed from a tubular feeder, on a bird table or simply on a ground feeding area


Sunflower hearts, peanut granules, berry suet pellets, insect suet pellets and vegetable oil.



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1kg, 3kg

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