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Ancol Cat Collar Velvet Frills Safety



Ancol Cat Collar Velvet Frills Safety Grey

Cats with confidence will love the gorgeous Velvet Frills collar. Featuring a fan of mesh frills and a soft velvet strap for stunning cats and delighted owners.
All Ancol cat collars come with safety features as standard; this collar features a break-away buckle to allow your cat an easy escape if they get caught whilst climbing. All Ancol collars also feature a warning bell to help protect wildlife.
When fitting your cat’s collar, ensure that you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort. Cat collars should be checked each day.
Please remove the collar when using liquid flea treatments to prevent reactions between the treatment and the materials of the collar. Do not reattach the collar until all residue and signs of the flea treatment have dispersed and the coat is back to normal.
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