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Beaphar Multiwormer Cat (12 Tab)

Beaphar Multiwormer Cat (12 Tab)




Beaphar Multiwormer Cat (12 Tab)

Three-week treatment for roundworm and tapeworm

Suitable for cats over 6 months old.

Contains 2 types of tablets: one against roundworms and the other against tapeworms.

Give pink tablets on the first day, fawn tablets a week later, and pink tablets again a week after that.

Effective against all common species of roundworms and tapeworms found in domestic cats in the UK.

How can you prevent or counter worms?

 • Regularly worming of your pet is very important.

• Attention to hygiene, cleaning up after cats and dogs. Wash your hands after gardening and/or playing outside, and cover sandboxes.

• Fleas can transmit tapeworms. Worm your pet after every flea infection.

How often do I need to worm my cat?

• Adult animals: preferably four times a year, but at least twice a year.

• Nursing animals: worm at the same time as the kittens.


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