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Vetark Nutrobal




Vetark Nutrobal

Calcium deficiencies can occur readily in exotic species such as reptiles & birds; Nutrobal is a high calcium balancer, multivitamin and mineral support for reptiles and birds

Reptiles can have complicated dietary requirements that can’t always be met in a domestic environment, but in most instances these deficiencies can be met by vitamin and mineral supplements; Nutrobal supports reptiles and birds calcium deficiences

Nutrobal also contains vitamin D3 in sufficient levels to mobilise the calcium provided

Nutrobal comes in powder form that can easily be added to the food including being dusted onto live food such as crickets, locusts and mealworms for insectivores and will optimise the health of your pet reptile when given at the correct doses

The potent calcium levels, enabled by the vitamin D3, are hugely beneficial for healthy bone development in all birds.

Growing tortoise and turtles need calcium for their shells, without it they can experience calcium related deficiencies such as pyramiding of their shells.

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