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Tetramin Fish Flake






Staple Food For All Ornamental Fish To Ensure A Long And Healthy Life.

TetraMin The world’s best selling tropical flake food

TetraMin was the original flake food. Today it remains the brand leader among aquarium
fish foods. And now, Tetra’s flagship food is even better. An improved, user–friendly dispenser
lid, Cleaner & Clearer Water Guarantee, and Tetra’s state–of–the–art health–supporting
ProCare formulation all combine to make TetraMin flakes the best food for your fish

Cleaner & Clearer Water Guarantee

  • Formula enhancement strengthens a long–standing TetraMin attribute – “Clear Water Formula/Does not Cloud Water.”
  • The new formula has an increased amount of superior, high–protein fish meal, yielding an even more digestible food. And fewer uneaten particles and reduced fish waste mean cleaner water.
  • The improved fish meal also reduces the chance for food to discolor aquarium water, resulting in clearer water.

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20g, 52g, 100g, 200g

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