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Orijen Senior (75:25) 400g

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Orijen Senior (75:25) 400g

Orijen Senior 400g

Suitable for: Adult
Contains: 75% Meat, 25% Fruit & Vegetables, 0% Grain

We use ingredients that are sustainably raised within our region by people we know and trust, approved ‘ fit for human consumption,’ and then delivered to our door FRESH.

And as dogs of all breeds and sizes are carnivores – evolved to thrive on a varied diet rich in meats, with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and grasses – ORIJEN SENIOR features a Biologically Appropriate (75.25.0) ingredient ratio of 75% meat, 25% fruit and vegetables, and 0% grain – all slow-cooked at low temperatures to retain their natural goodness.

All dogs are adapted for a diet rich and diverse in meat proteins – not grains and plant proteins. With 75% of poultry, eggs, meat and fish, ORIJEN SENIOR features high ratios of meat and protein to mirror the natural diet.

The natural diet is seasonal and diverse, so ORIJEN SENIOR features six fresh meats including free-run chicken and turkey, chicken liver, and whole eggs, and a superb selection of wild-caught fish – all delivered fresh each day!


Orijen is a BARK (Biologically Appropriate Real-Food Kibble) diet, formulated to supply the quality proteins needed by elder dogs in order to maintain lean body mass, avoid lethargy and maintain their ageing immune system.
Orijen Senior features regional fruits and vegetables including sweet and russet potatoes, blackcurrants and sunflower from Canada’s prairie farms, apples and cranberries from interior orchards, and sea vegetables hand-harvested from the pacific seas. Wild-caught lake whitefish and Chinook salmon provide rich sources of fresh, unrendered Omega-3 essential fatty acids (including DHA and EPA) to nutritionally support hte immune system and a vibrant skin and hair coat. Helping to bridge the gap between good nutrition and total physical wellbeing, veterinarian selected botanicals include psyllium, chicory root, dandelion, fennel and peppermint leaf, which soothe, tone the digestive tract, strengthen the liver and control insulin levels.
Biologically Appropriate Orijen is a naturally delicious way to ensure a long, healthy life for your trusted companion. And, because of its high-quality protein content, your dog doesn’t need to eat as much kibble as he does with other dry foods, meaning a single bag lasts much longer,
e.g: a 30 kilo dog with a normally active lifestyle requires only 275g of Orijen kibble per day.

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