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Mikki Calming Donut Bed Small

Ideal for smaller pets (puppies, kittens & toy breeds)

Size: 17 x 52 x 52 cm

Original price was: £29.63.Current price is: £21.99.



Mikki Calming Donut Bed Small

Perfect for the curler-upers

Ultra soft, self warming & calming pet bed

  • Raised edges create a sense of security with comfortable head and neck support
  • Ultra-soft faux fur is self warming and soothing
  • Non-slip base & machine washable

Key Features:

  • Ideal for smaller pets (puppies, kittens & toy breeds) that like to feel secure and enjoy curling up to sleep.
  • The Mikki calming beds are made of an ultra soft faux fur which is self warming and soothing.
  • The raised rim gives your pet a sense of security and provides a comfortable head and neck support.
  • To make it easy for your pet to climb in and out, our beds have a non-slip base to minimise any movement.
  • Keeping your pets bedding clean and fresh is easy by machine washing at a low temperature.
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