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Johnsons Dog & Cat Luxury Coat Conditioner 125ml

Johnsons Luxury Coat Conditioner 125ml



Dog & Cat Luxury Coat Conditioner 125ml

Introducing: NEW ALOE VERA SHAMPOO & NEW LUXURY COAT CONDITIONER Johnsons announce the introduction of two further products to add to their best selling range of Shampoos and Grooming Aids for dogs and cats.

Like all Johnsons range of grooming aids, these two new products are kind and gentle to coat and skin and have been developed without cruelty to animals.

They are attractively packaged for on-shelf impact, in easy to hold bottles with one handed flip-top caps.

LUXURY COAT CONDITIONER a combined after shampoo anti-tangle nutrient rinse, suitable for all breeds and types of coat.

This rich creamy conditioner has a special anti-tangle formula with added nutrients and should be applied while coat is still wet, after using one of Johnsons range of quality shampoos. Massage through the coat, rinse thoroughly, towel dry and brush and comb for a lustrous finish.

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