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Hills Science Plan Feline Adult Light Chicken 1.5kg

Black Crickets (per Tub)

Black crickets have similar qualities to Brown Crickets as a livefood and in nutritional terms are almost identical.

Black crickets can be quite aggressive, so you must be careful that they do not attack your pet.



Hills Science Plan Feline Adult Light Chicken 1.5kg

Feline Light Adult

Science Plan*


(Compared to Science Plan* Feline Adult)

Energy - reduced 

Fat - reduced

Fibre - increased

Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium - controlled to avoid excessive intake

L-Carnitine - supplemented (dry)

Produces acidic urine



Science Plan* Feline Light Adult is formulated for adult cats needing fewer calories 
(less active, neutered or obesity-prone). Providing a nutritionally-balanced food with 
reduced energy density helps control body weight, and replacing digestible calories 
with indigestible fibre increases bulk and helps to avoid hunger.
L-carnitine supplementation (dry) ensures adequate levels to help limit fat deposition
and maintain lean body mass. 

Science Plan Feline Light Adult aids in the prevention of onset of clinical signs 
associated with feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and the dry formula 
also contains a Superior Antioxidant Formula to reduce oxidative cell damage.


1.	Kittens.

2.	Pregnant and lactating queens. During pregnancy or lactation queens 
should be switched to 	Science Plan* Kitten.


Many factors such as environmental conditions, activity level, stage of life and individual 
variation (temperament, stress) can affect the amount of food needed. 
Adult cats should be fed only sufficient food to maintain their ideal body weight, in one or two meals per day. 
Science Plan Feline Light Adult should not be supplemented as such additions 
may upset the nutritional balance. 
Fresh water should be available at all times.


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