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Hills Feline Sensitive Skin 1.5kg

Parakeet & Cockatiel Seed 1.8kg


White Millet, Red Millet, Naked Oats, Canary Seed, Black Sunflower, Panicum Millet, Small Sunflower, Buckwheat, Hempseed, Nigerseed, Safflower, Oats, Oil Dressing



Hills Feline Sensitive Skin 1.5kg

Feline Sensitive Skin Adult

Science Plan*


(Compared to Science Plan* Feline Adult)

Protein - slightly increased

Omega-6 fatty acids - increased

Omega-3 fatty acids - increased


Science Plan* Feline Sensitive Skin Adult with Chicken is formulated to 
meet all the nutritional requirements 
of healthy cats from maturity until 7 years of age.  
It provides a nutritional balance of energy and protein with high levels of essential fatty acids, 
to nourish the skin and coat, and additional antioxidant vitamins to promote skin health.

Objective - To replenish natural skin oils, helping to maintain a shiny coat, and to encourage 
the maintenance of a healthy skin by supplying high levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, 
in combination with high quality protein (from egg and chicken), specific amino acids and proven 
effective levels of biologically active antioxidants.

Science Plan Feline Sensitive Skin Adult with Chicken also contains a Superior Antioxidant Formula 
to reduce oxidative cell damage.


1. 	Kittens,

2. 	Pregnant and lactating queens.  During pregnancy or lactation queens should be 
switched to Science Plan Feline Growth*.


Many factors such as environmental conditions, activity level, stage of life and individual variation 
(temperament, stress) can affect the amount of food needed. 
Adult cats should be fed only sufficient food to maintain their ideal body weight, 
in one or two meals per day. Science Plan Feline Sensitive Skin Adult should not be 
supplemented as such additions may upset the nutritional balance.

Fresh water should be available at all times.

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