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Frozen Mice



Frozen Mice

Frozen mice are recommended for snakes, birds of prey and other carnivorous reptiles

Rats, mice and other rodents are all produced by the leading companies in their field. Produced in a completely bio-secure environment, fed on a known quality diet, free from any antibiotics, growth promoters or insecticides.

These are an excellent source of non-avian protein.

Pinkies           35p each   10 for £3.00

Mouse Fluffs 45p each   10 for £4.00

Small Mice    60p each   10 for £5.50

Large Mice £1.10 each   10 for £10.00

XL Mice      £1.30 each   10 for £12.00

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Pinkies, Fluffs, Small, Large, XLarge

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