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Flexi Xtreme Tape 5m Orange Large

Flexi Xtreme Tape 5m Orange Large

for dogs up to 65kgs/143lbs



Flexi Xtreme Tape 5m Orange Large

XTREME  Tape 5m for dogs up to 65 kgs – Extremely tough. For those who love extremes overly vivacious dogs or challenging situations.

flexi XTREME offers safety through the reinforced flexi® X11 Tape (5m) and provides increased comfort on all adventures through its integrated elastic soft stop.

Soft grip, comfortable robust braking system

The Flexi Xtreme retractable dog lead is extremely tough and designed for those who love extremes, whether you have an overly vivacious dog or find yourself in challenging situations.

Here are the key features of the Flexi Xtreme lead:

  • Extremely bite resistant tape [Flexi X11-Tape] – An extremely robust tape for extreme strain
  • Soft grip: comfortable and safe to hold
  • Elastic soft-stop lead element and adjustable handle – The elastic soft stop integrated in the Xtreme provides comfort for you and your dog on all adventures
  • Comfortable braking system – Flexi leads are created with a comfortable one hand braking system, which reacts in the split of a second and allows control of how far or close you allow your dog to walk

Retractable Flexi dog leads never slacken as there is always slight tension on the tape. You are always able to command and control your dog thanks to the short stop braking system. It responds quickly and reliably thanks to the convenient brake button. It is easy to use with one hand and the braking system also has a permanent stop function which allows you to fix the flexi lead at a certain length. In addition thanks to the tape guidance system, the tape can be extended in all directions without getting jammed.

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