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Ferplast Olympia Hamster Cage

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Ferplast Olympia Hamster Cage

If your rodent is always on the move, loves to play and never stays still, then the Olimpia hamster cage is perfect for him. This habitat offers ample space in which your cute friends can play freely. Its structure consists of a classic wire mesh cage and a special vertical section covered with transparent plastic, in which there are paths with a wheel, a little house, shelves and ladders, all for recreation and exercise. In the bottom part of the cage, you will also find useful accessories, including a drinking bottle and a plastic food bowl.
The transparent tubes connected to each other allow your hamster to move from the first floor to ground floor. These parts are also available as modular accessories. They can be used to make numerous combinations and can also be added to other products to create additional play areas. In fact, by attaching the tubes, which can be straight or curved, to the special connection on the side of the Olimpia cage, you can extend the path dedicated to your little rodent.

  • Ideal for lively pets
  • Ready to be connected to tubes or other habitats
  • Standing structure to reduce volume
  • Opening plastic wall for easy cleaning
  • Accessories inlcuded
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