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Dried Whole Dogfish Dog Treat

Dried Dogfish Dog Treat

100% Dogfish



Dried Whole Dogfish Dog Treat

Simply gently air dried these 100% Whole Dried Dogfish is a premium delight for any fish loving dog.

They are packed full of nutritional value, they are meaty, and are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and high in protein.

Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, benefitting coat and joints.

No additives or preservatives, just natural fish.

A great size treat, typically 40 -60cm in length, providing a variety of chewing textures

Sold individually

Composition & Analysis

Protein – 77g Fat – 5.3g Ash – 12g Moisture -6.2g Omega 3 -0.28g Fibre – 0.7g

Meat – 100% Fish

Not for human consumption.

May contain bones.

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