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Clockwork Pet Feeder Beige (serves 4 Meals Within 36 Hours)

Clockwork Pet Feeder Beige (serves 4 Meals Within 36 Hours)



Staywell Automatic Pet Feeder – 203.

Suitable for cats and small dogs.

Clockwork feeder serves up to 4 meals in 36 hours.

Battery feeder to serve up to 4 meals over 1, 2, 3, or 4 days.

There are no complicated timers to set or batteries to fit –

simply reveal the clockwork key in the centre of the device, wind it up, fill up to four compartments with food or liquid as required,

replace the cover and place in the normal pet feeding area.

The feeder will turn slowly so as not to alarm your pet, and will operate for up to 36 hours.

Dishwasher safe feed bowl section. With the clockwork piece removed, it can be cleaned in a dishwashing

When you are at home for your pet, simply remove the cover
to use the feeder as a normal food and drink bowl.

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