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Blagdon Pond Monsta Garden Pond Vacuum



The Blagdon Pond Monsta’s patented design is unlike any othe pond vacuum on the market.

It’s 4 time faster than other pond vacuums. It removes all pond debris effortlessly including stones¬†(up to 32mm), leaves blanketweed and sludge.

it is also environmentally friendly as all waste is collected in the unique collection chamber which can be emptied straight into the compost bin.

Recycles filtered water back into pond through the Monsta Collector.

The Pond Monsta Complete kit comes with:

Pond Monsta vacuum
Pond Monsta collector
6m of smooth bore spiral reinforced 1.5″ hose
Power brush 10cm head
Wheeled 20cm brush head
Large, medium and small impeller options
Adjustable 1.2m to 2.2m telescopic handle

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