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Blagdon Midipond Pump




Blagdon Midipond Pump

Max flow 6350 Lph

Max head 3.75 Metres

135 Watt / 240 Volt

Max hose size 1″

Will run a fountain / feature, filter and waterfall in a max pond volume Litres

Blagdon Midi Pond key features –
1. Ideal for fountains, filters, waterfalls and features.
2. Easy to use.
3. Low maintenance.
4. Powerful, controlable and economical.
Each Blagdon Midi Pond Pump has a 3 year guarantee and is supplied with 10 metres of cable and 5 fountain options:

Foam Jet, Triple Jet, Daisy Jet, Bell Jet & Tulip Jet.

The Midi Pond Pump models each have a suggested pond size.
Midipond pump 3500 for ponds up to 1450 ltrs (319 Gallons)
Midipond pump 4500 for ponds up to 3150 ltrs (693 Gallons)
Midipond pump 5500 for ponds up to 4300 ltrs (946 Gallons)
Midipond pump 6500 for ponds up to 5400 ltrs (1188 Gallons)

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