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Blagdon Affinity Feature Pool Octagon

Contain Only 100% Chicken.

· NO Artificial Colourings

· NO Artificial Fragrances

· NO Artificial Flavours
Chicken Feet
· NO Preservatives

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Blagdon Affinity Feature Pool Octagon

A Garden Must Have from Blagdon

What a great idea. These ponds can be put together in under two hours and look great both indoor or outside.

The dark rattan finish is right on trend for the best looking gardens this summer.

The Affinity Feature Pools do not require any prior knowledge, are easy to install and maintain and do not need any digging.

The kit contains a pump, filter and light…all you need to add is the water!!



  • Easy to install in under 2hrs
  • Step by step set up and ‘how to’ guide
  • Fits small gardens/ decks/ patios or conservatories
  • Features a waterfall and a choice of fountainheads
  • Raised pond is safe for children (supervision advised)
  • Dimensions (cm): Length 100cm x 100cm x 60cm LxWxH
  • Dimensions (imp): Length 3′ 4″ x 3′ 4″ x 2′ LxWxH
  • Volume 337 Litres

Affinity Feature Pools comes with the Blagdon Life Support System, an efficient pump and filtration package.

This includes:

  • Low voltage pump and filter
  • 3 attractive fountain features
  • Automatic night time feature with pivoting LED spot light
  • Mechanical and biological filter media
  • Replaceable polymer wool cartridge
  • ½” feature/waterfall fitting
  • Adjustable fountain extensions and flow control adjustor
  • Green water treatment
  • Tap water conditioner with filter start
  • Optional UVC upgrade available


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