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Ancol Nylon Check Chain Collar Red




Ancol Nylon Check Chain Collar Red

With durable nylon and sturdy welded chain to make a combination collar with check-chain properties

With an adjuster for a snug fit this check collar is perfect for long-haired dogs, the looser fit can prevent kinks in the coat.

If the dog pulls, the collar will tighten so that they cannot become free. Ensure that the collar is not too tight on the dog when at it’s tightest.

Matching leads are available

-Available in size 1-2 (25-35x1cm),  2-4 (35-45×1.2cm),  4-7 (45-60×1.9cm),  5-9 (50-70×1.9cm),  and 7-10 (55-75×2.5cm).

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1-2(25-35x1cm), 2-4 (35-45×1.2cm), 4-7 (45-60×1.9cm), 5-9 (50-70×1.9cm), 7-10 (55-75×2.5cm)

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